FAQ - Lucidity Works

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Frequently Asked

What are the advantages of using Lucidity?

Lucidity provides the following unique advantages: Lucidity…

  • Dramatically reduces the volume of search clutter
  • Extracts only the most pertinent data
  • Automatically formats the data into MS Word reports
  • Exponentially increases time you have to find effective solutions
  • Helps you make better decisions faster than ever before

Is Lucidity easy to use?

Lucidity was developed by an experienced analyst to benefit other analysts. Now you can spend the majority of your time developing recommendations and helping your company succeed. Try our free demonstration and see how user-friendly Lucidity can be.

Can I view a demonstration?

Absolutely. Contact us today at 800-830-2595 or e-mail us.

Is Lucidity flexible to purchase?

Lucidity was designed to support a continuum of research requirements ranging from 24 hours to long-term longitudinal studies. We have a service offering that will fit your specific need.