About Lucidity Works

Accelerating Insight. Driving Decisions.

About Lucidity®

Designed for analysts by analysts, Lucidity is a patented, Strategic Insight Tool with built-in intelligence that addresses the research needs of both analysts and executive management.

Every year, analysts spend exhaustive amounts of time searching through volumes of data to predict trends and competitive threats. Lucidity significantly reduces the time for data discovery, finds hidden content, and instantly streamlines results into data-rich reports for deeper analysis. This enables management to have quicker access to more accurate business intelligence to make better decisions.

Lucidity accomplishes this process by efficiently accessing content that answers your questions related to R&D, marketing, competition, and business strategy. Lucidity is easily configurable to meet your company's specific requirements, including:

  • Industry and job function-specific search categories
  • Direct links to chosen content sources
  • Workflow integration to accelerate decision-making
  • Access to proprietary or password-protected databases
  • Integration into current IT system